Ki-tae spends 48 hours locked in the bathroom, reading, working out, and you can attacking boredom

Ki-tae spends 48 hours locked in the bathroom, reading, working out, and you can attacking boredom

He weakens and hallucinates his relatives and buddies claiming just how sick he could be out-of him, understanding none of them will come and you can save yourself him. For a moment he perks up considering Jang-mi, but remembers the strive and you may will lose vow. The guy depends on the ground and you can entry away, exactly as we spotted him on top of the fresh new occurrence.

At your home that nights, Jang-mi getaways a glass and you will flashes back again to getting house alone because the a child, in which she broke a windows and you will slashed the woman ft defectively. She actually starts to tidy up but will get an adverse feeling, and rushes out to Ki-tae’s set.

There’s no answer when she hits, very Jang-mi lets by herself in and you will creeeeps from flat, Ki-tae’s admonishment regarding her border-crossing echoing inside her lead

She calls away you to she’s sorry, but she are alarmed given that she once nearly passed away alone in the house whenever she was four, that explains their concern with getting alone.

She attempts to rouse him, in which he uses the very last out-of their fuel to clasp the woman in the a rigorous hug

Given that Jang-mi conversations, Ki-tae rouses just enough to help you feebly call for let. She grabs a knife and you may pries the doorway unlock, losing they whenever she observes your lying half-inactive on to the ground.

A monument feast try laid out facing an image regarding a distinguished-lookin elderly guy. In the record, s about all the suffering he is brought about the lady. Ki-tae falls for the memorial banquet, sprinkling dinner every-where, since the a team of lady attempt to keep Jang-mi off of your.

Jang-mi assists a failing and you may falling Ki-tae so you can their vehicles, lead on the health, even hoisting your right up to own an effective piggyback as he shows as well feeble simply to walk. It come upon Se-ah, who was simply and additionally alarmed and you can found review him, and Jang-mi shows you just how he had been swept up on bathroom for 2 months.

Ki-tae claims legit bbw hookup sites they are fine and doesn’t need a health care professional, however, Jang-mi merely nature hikes your on to the woman rear, ha. Se-ah pushes them to a healthcare facility, scarcely that contains this lady eyerolls since the Jang-mi fusses more Ki-tae on seat.

The doctor declares your fine, in the event Se-ah (who’s along with a physician) suggests your to remain long enough to get rid of their IV because the guy have not ingested in 2 months. ily is found on how, and Ki-tae requires Se-ah to visit if you are telling Jang-mi to keep. They are doing it for their supposed wedding, however, Se-ah is actually affronted getting dismissed and only Jang-mi.

Ki-tae’s mother, granny, and you will sis are available and you may basically blame Jang-mi with the undeniable fact that it keep being required to see at the the newest Emergency room. Jang-mi shows you which he is closed regarding toilet and you will Ki-tae states she in fact stored your, but simply Grandmother thank you the lady. Aunt Mi-jung nevertheless actually to buy any one of which, and offer Jang-mi the fresh new common “I’m viewing your” indication since the lady log off.

With the push family, Granny requires them to task because of their leg-jerk blaming regarding Jang-mi, and you may tells them that the woman is an excellent woman whom is worth brand new advantage of the brand new question. Sis Mi-jung informs Mother that they is to support her or him, only if just like the opposing the wedding will push Ki-tae to the Jang-mi even much harder. Granny claims they should get to know this lady, and i don’t like just how with ease Mother agrees. She’s one thing up this lady arm…

The very next day Jang-mi trips her bicycle family, nearly crashing whenever she observes Ki-tae’s mother talking to the lady mother additional, thanking the lady for a prefer. Jang-mi along with her mom visit the cafe, where Jang-mi was told one to she’s going to getting providing Ki-tae’s family relations with his grandfather’s art gallery. Jang-mi protests but Mom states she will be initiate accumulating brownie activities as soon as possible. For the desperation, Jang-mi informs the woman moms and dads the fact that this woman is not marrying Ki-tae, but they believe this woman is sleeping to get out from helping. The the same glares of disbelief was a-riot.

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